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OpenArt makes it simple for you to intelligently enjoy, collect, and invest in art.

Why OpenArt?

If you’ve ever set foot in an art gallery then you know there is nothing simple about becoming an art collector.  ‘Where are the prices?  Why is the work I want not available?  Why the hell is THAT worth $1 million?‘  The mysteries of the art world can be seemingly endless.

Unlike most industries, the art market hasn’t really changed much in the past 100 years.  There are really only two paths to becoming an art collector: 1) Hire a pricey private advisor to tell you what you should do; or 2) Spend years self-educating in a world that actively tries to keep information away from you.

That’s why we created OpenArt, a membership club that makes art collecting simple. We put the access, information and art, right at your fingertips.  From aesthetic decisions to financial considerations, we are there to help you intelligently enjoy, collect, and invest in art.

  • Our Values

    We recognize the centrality of the artists to our humanity, and aim to create spaces where creators are valued and uplifted. Our aim is to bring collectors and artists closer together, and in doing so, creating a more dynamic and robust art ecosystem. Our vision is to cultivate art patrons who understand and appreciate art’s cultural, social and financial value.

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  • James Bartlett

    James Bartlett

    Founder, Principal
  • Gardy St. Fleur

    Gardy St. Fleur

    Co-Founder & Head of Art Advisory
  • Marquise Stillwell

    Marquise Stillwell

    Co-Founder & Business Advisor
  • Patrick Kandawire

    Patrick Kandawire

    Co-Founder & Business Advisor
  • Gino Mbetse

    Gino Mbetse

    Co-Founder and Business Advisor
  • Takako Sakamoto

    Takako Sakamoto

    Executive Assistant

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